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  • FKMCD Director

    FKMCD Director Michael Doyle

    Director Michael Doyle

    Mr. Doyle comes to the Florida Keys from a position as Entomologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Ft. Collins, Colorado, where he studied disease transmission in mosquitoes and related flies.   While working at CDC, he also worked part-time for the City of Fort Collins and did independent consulting for the Boulder County (Colorado) Mosquito Control District.   At these positions he created a quality assurance tool called the Larval Control Assessment Tool (LCAT).  LCAT is a semi-automated computer program designed to evaluate larval control data in order to improve the efficiency of pesticide treatments.  Prior to these three positions he was a West Nile Virus Specialist for the Larimer County (Colorado) Health Department.

    The bulk of Mr. Doyle’s mosquito control experience was gained at Colorado Mosquito Control, Inc., (CMC) a company which serves private landowners, Homeowners’ Associations, towns, cities, and counties throughout Colorado.   He began his work with CMC as a field technician in 1994.  While working his way up to Program Manager, he performed and/or supervised a myriad of mosquito control duties, including larviciding (hand, power backpack, ATV, and  aerial), larval and adult mosquito trapping and identification; adulticiding (truck, ATV, and aerial), equipment maintenance, GIS-based mapping, database creation, public education, and media relations.  While at CMC he was also highly involved with the creation of CMMS ©, a complex database tool that uses historical larviciding data to predict when and where mosquitoes will be produced in the future.

    He also worked as a Biologist for the Army Corps of Engineers, where he collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and several state environmental agencies on evaluation and permitting of projects in wetland and marine environments.

    His formal education was in Entomology (M.S.), which involved setting economic thresholds for treatments against an agricultural pest. He also earned a B.A. in Interpretive Natural History, which centered on teaching biology, geology, and other natural history subjects in an environmental education setting.

    He has been active in the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA; www.mosquito.org) and the West Central Mosquito and Vector Control Association (WCMVCA; www.westcentralmosquitoandvector.org) since approximately 1999, and served as President of the WCMVCA in 2006.

    In his spare time, he enjoys water sports, telemark skiing, acoustic guitar, organic gardening, and spending time with his family.   Mr. Doyle loves the outdoors and is looking forward to learning a whole new way of life in the Keys.